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Dog eating natural fish treats

About Quaydog |
100% Natural Fish Dog Treats

It goes without saying that we want to give the best to our furry friends and choosing the right treats is very important to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Things to look out for are:

  • Number of Ingredients – Fish Snacks and Fish Coins contain only ONE natural ingredient – human quality, whole haddock (not factory left overs, or mechanically rendered) . Neptune’s Larder contains human quality haddock and hand harvested seaweed. The Maxi Mix Ups contain fish skins (haddock or cod) – these are from hand filleted fish and are then individually sorted and shaped.
  • Ingredient Source – a product might be manufactured in one country but the ingredients sourced from another whose quality control might not be up to UK standards. Quay Dog is licenced by DAERA (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs) and as such our ingredients are fully traceable and products are regularly externally tested. Our ingredients come from the local area – the fish landed in Kilkeel Harbour or the seaweed harvested along our coastline and the fish is from sustainable fish stocks.
  • Ingredient Quality and the Type of Ingredient – Just because the package says it’s natural it doesn’t mean that it will be suitable for your pet – you need to look closely at the ingredient list – Quay Dog Products use quality ingredients – fish is hypoallergenic and easily digested, low calorie and a source of Omega 3 & 6 and rich in protein.

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Our healthy fish (haddock) dog treats

Neptune's Larder - 100% whole fish with added super seaweed

100% natural whole fish treat
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Fish Skin Products for Dogs

Maxi Mix Ups, hand made fish skin dental chews. The variety of shapes makes it more interesting for the dogs. 100% natural, low calorie. Haddock and Cod Skins

We work with a local fish processing company who hand fillet the fish for their customers, we then use the skins (haddock or cod) which would have been discarded to provide a tasty, heathy chew. The skins are hand sorted, shaped and dried to retain more nutrients. Our fish skins are sourced locally – not imported, so we are supporting our local fishing industry. The fish is from sustainable stocks.

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Love them! I’ve had great feedback from clients this week whose pups all adore them!

Joanne Doonan
Joanne Doonan Dog Training
Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

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